Interview with the Executive Board of Sinai Village

Wed 21st Mar 2018 - 3:36am

Having a management board that all have their heads in the right place is what truly separates the great organizations from the bad organizations (not to beat a dead horse, but look at eRa Eternity). The Executive Board here at Sinai Village is a close-knit unit that all have their minds directed towards success, and it shows in all the great things that they have accomplished!

I got the chance to ask each member of the Executive Board some questions, so that you all get to know those who make the Sinai machine run day by day!

The first person I chatted with, was Founder and Co-CEO of Sinai Village, Skylar “Dreux” Rosson:

Frankie: How do you feel about Sinai’s direction for the remainder of 2018?

Dreux: “Our direction seems like a stable way to go. We’re coming full force into Esports; with that being said, all of our Esports divisions are doing magnificent and are proving that they can be dominant in what they do. On top of our brilliant Esports teams, we’re staying quite consistent with posting Call of Duty videos for our OG fans. Our statement made at the beginning of this year stated that we would stick with our roots, and we have. If we continue on these two paths, I see our audience growing tremendously! All I want for my team is success and notability.”

F: What is one thing that you want to see Sinai accomplish between now and the end of the year?

D: “I’d like to see our Esports teams accomplish a lot more goals, especially since we’ve completely merged into this community. I’d like to earn some more achievements and milestones within our divisions, building the positive reputation for both Sinai and the players. There are a lot of goals we’d like to reach and I know our Executive team will try our absolute best to make those goals become a reality.”

F: What is one game that Sinai is not currently competing in that you would like to see Sinai compete in?

D: “We’ve had a negative run with Call of Duty, but I’d personally like to come back into that scene. I want to show the Esports scene that Sinai is a team that wants to succeed. On top of Call of Duty, I would like to get into League of Legends and POSSIBLY Fortnite. LoL is a game that’s been around forever and the competitive scene is absolutely insane. Fortnite seems like it’s going in a competitive route as well, and with the popularity of this game skyrocketing, I could see this game becoming a stamp in the Esports community. I wanted to get into the Super Smash Bros scene so bad, and we recently just did! We’re extremely proud of who we picked to represent Sinai, so this is a goal that we’ve already achieved.”

Next, Owner and Co-CEO of Sinai, Rico “Riico” Nieves:

Frankie: How does it feel to be a leading member in terms of decision making for Sinai?

Riico: “Well, being able to help make choices for the better of Sinai is amazing. Meetings with the other executives is always a great time, hearing all the ideas each of us have, and also getting a first look at new things coming to Sinai is a great feeling. All the decisions that are made for Sinai go through every single executives before coming to a final say; and I cannot wait for the new things we have coming up.”

F: What is one thing about Sinai that separates it from other organizations?

R: “One thing I feel separates Sinai from other Organizations is the bond we create through the time we all spend with each other. When I first joined Sinai, I noticed right away the open arms everyone had when new members of the family joined. We always try our best to create a hype and family vibe all the time.”

F: What is one game that Sinai is not currently competing in that you would like to see Sinai compete in?

R: “One game that Sinai is not competing in that I would LOVE to see compete in would have to be Fortnite. A great game loved by millions of people, and I can say that I enjoy this game a lot more than most of the games I play. If Sinai were to find a team for Fortnite, I can assure you that I would be in my seat watching them play 24/7! Sinai Fortnite is something I believe a lot of our fans are currently asking us about.”

After that, Gus “Upmind” Franco, Executive for Sinai:

Frankie: What is one memory that you feel like you will not forget that is related to Sinai?

Upmind: “One memory that still resonates with me, is the day we won the VPG North Challenger Championship in FIFA. I was casting that day and I could not keep composure during the game, it was just so emotional for all of us on the team. We are now more ecstatic than ever for the future of the team!”

F: How has your experience at Sinai compared to other Esports/Gaming experiences?

U: “I have had 3+ years of doing strictly Esports, I consider myself as the person in the team that knows the most about about the industry, but each Executive has their own areas of expertise, which has helped me grow exponentially in the time that I have been here, and I have gained new information and went through new experiences in many new Esports scenes and other parts of what makes an org great. Sinai is the team that I have stayed on for the longest time, and for very good reason! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE on the team in the past year, has been nothing but loving, helping, and compassionate to one another. This organizations hunger to grow and expand has meant the world to me, there aren’t any words to describe how great the organization and the players have been to me. This org means the world to me and I cannot wait to grow and expand this team further!”

F: What is one game Sinai currently doesn’t compete in that you would like to see Sinai compete in?

U: “It’s a stretch, but I would love to see us enter League of Legends. Our organization isn’t at a point to where we can break through the MOBA glass-ceiling for organizations, as only bigger, more established organizations are able to substantiate having a team. As we gain sponsors and we rise in popularity, who knows! It might be in the cards for us in the near future.”

Next, Andrew “Andy” O’Riordan, Executive and Streamer for Sinai:

Frankie: What is one thing that you want to see Sinai do within the next year?

Andy: “I love the direction we are moving in in terms of Esports. I want to see our teams continue to get them achievements under their belts building a name for not just Sinai but also themselves. I’m proud of every member of Sinai but extremely proud of our Esports division, as they are extremely dedicated, skillful and all round a great bunch to work with. This really portrays when they’re out there doing their thing! I would also love to see us become Twitch Partners, and I’m going to be putting a lot more work into the streaming side of things and hopefully we can make that happen, if not this year, next year for sure!”

F: What is one thing you learned while working in Sinai that you apply in your day to day life?

A: “One thing that I wouldn’t say I’ve learned, but rather developed greatly in my time in Sinai and continue to develop each and every day, is my teamwork and leadership skills. With the rapid growth of Sinai, I’ve learned to trust people more and I’ve gained a lot of organizational skills from meetings, planning, projects, etc. that will really stand to me especially once I finish my studies. Even now, I find that being in Sinai has definitely helped me get through and manage my college life, and my work life. The people I mainly have to thank for this is our other executives. We’re more than just a team here at Sinai, we’re a family.”

F: What is one game Sinai currently doesn’t compete in that you would like to see Sinai compete in?

A: “I’ve been a lover of Overwatch for a while now and I’d love to see Sinai in the Overwatch League one day. Being based a lot around teamwork and trust, I love watching teams that have that synchronize when they compete. As well as that, I love the community and support it shows to its players. Definitely one of my favorites in Esports!”

Finishing off with Teal “Roachh” Letellier, Executive for Sinai:

Frankie: What is something Sinai does that separates it from other organizations?

Roachh: “A lot of organizations out there are more business-orientated and more “by the books” approach of things so to say. I feel like Sinai and everyone in the org is more like a family. Not just the executives, but everyone involved (editors, players, designers, streamers, etc.) Everyone works together to help accomplish a goal and get things rolling, it helps make everything run incredibly smooth.”

F: How has your experience at Sinai compared to other Esports/Gaming experiences?

R: “Being a part of Sinai has really been an experience for me as it’s my first official organization I’ve been a part of. I started in this community in 2012 and didn’t really start getting fully into the scene until about 2014. I was with a YouTube based team, ‘Team Qoz’, for almost a full year before stepping down to join Sinai in October 2017. I have learned so much about Esports from Andy, Dreux, Upmind and Rico in just the 6 months I’ve been with this org, and I am continuing to learn so much more from them all. Being a part of this family-orientated atmosphere is wonderful and I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have in store.”

F: What is one game Sinai currently doesn’t compete in that you would like to see Sinai compete in?

R: “I think myself and a lot of the other Execs woulds agree that Fortnite should be the game Sinai competes in next. Fortnite has changed the scene drastically since late last year and it’s showing NO signs of slowing down anytime soon. Sinai competing in Fortnite would be huge for the org and I know many of the fans would love to see us compete in that scene as well.”

It was great to get a look into the mind of each of these Executives here at Sinai, be sure to follow Sinai Village on Twitter to stay updated on everything we have going on!



Francis Pepe