Sinai Village’s ‘Villagers FC’ Completely Dominate the VirtualProGaming FIFA English Challenger League — North

Mon 5th Mar 2018 - 4:40pm Gaming


Sinai Village’s competitive FIFA roster, known as Villagers FC, competed in the Virtual Pro Gaming’s English Challenger League-North, and saying they dominated is a phenomenal understatement.

Villagers FC have owned the leaderboards this season. They have scored more goals, and conceded less goals then any other team in their league! They seemed miles ahead of the competition from just about every angle.

The squad ended up with a staggering record of 16 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws. To put this teams dominance in perspective, the team in 2nd place has only 12 wins, and 5 losses.

I got the chance to ask the Manager of Villagers FC, ‘Wern’, a few questions about how he feels about the team’s success this season:

Frankie: “How do you feel like you did in this VPG season?”

Wern: “I think we did very well this season. Our strikers were scoring a lot of goals, our midfielders were performing well, and the defense was solid. The stats don’t lie; most goals scored in the competition, fewest goals conceded, and our midfielder , ‘Isac’, has been the #1 Midfielder for weeks on the Leaderboards. I am very happy with how the season has turned out.”

F: “How do you tend to improve for next season?”

W: “Next season will be very hard. The clubs will be even better and we need to be careful to not fall into relegation next season. I have been working on a project to sign some new players who can help us out. With the returning players who have been going to Asia and return for next season, our offensive and midfield line is very solid. Its only our defense that needs some work. I want to have a big squad so I can rotate throughout the season.”

F: “How do you feel about Sinai?”

W: “Sinai has been supporting us from the start. And not only Dreux (the boss) but also players, members, and fans of Sinai who have been starting to follow us. Every time we win, we feel like we have a lot of people behind us, and that makes us happy. The Sinai family has a lot of good guys; feels like a warm home, and we are always happy about the support we get.”

F: “Most successful games last season?”

W: “I think i can pick two successful games out. The first was the 6–0 win over Dutch Alliance, we really showed how good we were and we were maybe “too good” for the competition that we were in. The second one was the clash between Eclipse. Eclipse and Sinai were even on points but we had a better goal difference. The VPG polls showed people thought Eclipse would win easy, even Eclipse replied that they would never concede 3 goals and guess what.. We walked over them with a clean 3–1 win. The most important win of the season.”

It is always great to get to see a team like Villagers FC truly dominate the competition, but it is apparent that next season the Villagers will have to bring their best out every match in order to show everyone that they can be the best team in FIFA! Best of luck to them in all of their future matches, be sure to follow Sinai Village and Villagers FC on Twitter in order to stay updated on everything we have going on!


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Francis Pepe