Sinai Village Make Entrance into Super Smash Bros with the Announcement of Sinai Red and Sinai Blue

Fri 2nd Mar 2018 - 11:31pm General

Sinai Village have officially made their move into the Fighting Game Community, announcing two brands to compete in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Super Smash Bros Melee. 

The first brand, Sinai Red, will compete in Wii U, and will consist of Bayonetta/Donkey Kong/Cloud main, Jake “Glare” Burnett.

Glare had this to say about being a part of Sinai Red:

“I think Sinai getting into the competitive Smash scene is great. A lot of teams have found success in the competitive Smash scene, it just takes the right team and the right players. My plans after getting picked up by Sinai is just to try and go to as many events as possible, help represent the team and get my name out there. I had already planned on attending many events in the near future, but after getting picked up I will be going to even more events, especially after I graduate high school, which is only a few months away. Honestly, before getting picked up by Sinai, I was already in a really good place. I was placing well at events, making a decent amount of money from weeklies, and was spending a lot of time with my girlfriend. So after getting picked up, I have been unbelievably happy and everything kinda seems like a dream come true. I’m beyond happy to work with Sinai and help represent the team!”

The second brand, Sinai Blue, will compete in Melee, and will consist of Fox/Captain Falcon main, Michael “OnlyOdd1” Coffman.

OnlyOdd1 told me this about Sinai becoming involved with Smash and his goals for competing for Sinai Blue:

“I think it’s a great idea because smash is growing more and more by the second. So many people are getting into competitive Melee, so now would be the right time to become involved. My plans are to continue playing the game that I love, and hopefully give people some high level gameplay that will inspire them to become involved as well.”

Skylar “Dreux” Rosson, Owner of Sinai Village, had this to say about Sinai entering Smash and announcing their two new teams!

“Since Sinai moved on into the eSports scene, coming into the competitive Smash scene was always a dream of mine. However, finding the right, talented individual was always a challenge for us. With the help of my executives, we were able to pick up two dexterous players with many collaborative ideas that can fit right into our brand! We’re confident about moving forward with these two players, and we hope to accomplish many milestones with them!” 

It will certainly be exciting to see these talented players compete under the Sinai brand! Be sure to follow Sinai Village on Twitter to stay updated on everything we have going on!


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Francis Pepe