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Our Newest Addition to Sinai Smash | Maister!

POSTED BY Dreux October 16, 2018

Maister is a Smash 4 Mr. Game & Watch main from Mexico who is considered the best Mr. Game & Watch player in the world. His breakout tournament was at GENESIS 5 where he placed 13th after beating top players like Pink Fresh, Mistake, and Fatality. He has also taken sets off of players such as Marss, ESAM, tyroy, Javi, Chag, Captain Levi, and Richi. Maister is currently ranked 7th on the Mexico City Power Rankings, 32nd on the Mexican Power Rankings, and 44th on the Panda Global Rankings v5.

Together with @KillJoystickgg, we’re proud to announce a double sponsorship with the one and only @Maister_SSB!